Good to know

The Puez Hut is an alpine club hut and due to its exposed location without a road access, it is a very simply kept hut. We have to be careful with the resources of water and electricity. We are only accessible on foot and are supplied by helicopter.

  • Kitchen – hot food is available from 11.30 to 16:00
  • Dinner – at 18:30
  • Breakfast – 7:00 to 8:00
  • Check-In: 15:00
  • Check-Out: until 9:00
  • Hut rest – 22:00
  • Dormitories – We do not have double or triple rooms. Our shared dormitories have three-storey bunk beds, access is via vertical ladders. The top bunk is 3m high.
  • Washing / Showers – We have two washrooms with showers. As we do not always have enough water available, we have to use it carefully. Overnight guests can buy shower tokens for 4€. With these they can take a hot shower for four minutes.
  • Sleeping bag/liner and shoes – Sleeping bags or liners are obligatory and must be used for hygienic reasons. Sleeping liners can also be bought from us. Only enter the rooms and washrooms with slippers.
  • Drying room – There is NO drying room at the Puez Hut. A single tiled stove helps to keep the dining room warm. Laundry drying is only possible outdoors.
  • Electricity – A photovoltaic system supplies us with electricity, which is temporarily stored in batteries. If the supply is not sufficient, we have to resort to our generator.
  • Water – The Puez Hut has a spring and we use it carefully. In order to guarantee drinking water quality in the hut, the water is treated with a UV filter system and water samples are checked annually by a specialist institute.
  • Waste water – three-chamber sewage treatment plant. The contents of the last chamber are pumped out at regular intervals and transported to the sewage treatment plant by helicopter.
  • Rubbish – There is no garbage truck coming to us. This means that we have to fly the waste down to the valley by helicopter. For this reason, we consider it a matter of course that every hiker brings the rubbish they have brought back down to the valley themselves.
  • First aid – We are equipped for small emergencies. First aid kits and a defibrillator are available. The Puezhütte has a helicopter landing pad.
  • WLAN – there is no WLAN. Mobile phone reception next to the old hut.
  • Dogs – Only by prior arrangement with us hut keepers.
  • Payment – As we only have a very unstable telephone connection, card payment is not always possible.
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