The Puez Hut was built in 1889 by the German-Austrian Alpine Club. After the First World War, it passed to the Bolzano section of the Italian Alpine Club. In 1940, it was handed over to the well-known mountain guide, hunter and ski instructor Pietro Costa from Val Badia. Costa managed the hut until 1989, when he handed it on to his children Oscar and Gemma.

After the Puez Hut could no longer cope with the crowds and the demands of modern mountain tourism, the CAI built a new, larger refuge nearby.
On 8 August 1982, the new Puez Hut was opened in the presence of the then Italian President Sandro Pertini.

Since 2024, the Puez Hut has been run by Costa Denis, the grandson of Pietro Costa. Together with his wife and two daughters, he is continuing his grandfather’s legacy with much love and dedication and is carefully steering the fortunes of the Puez Hut towards a sustainable, environmentally conscious future.

“Nowadays, a refuge should no longer be seen only as a shelter for hikers from alpine dangers. We hut keepers must consciously make the protection of nature and the environment our goal.”

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