Philosophy and sustainability

The beauty of the mountains has a positive influence on more and more people. They are looking for peace and quiet and time out from the daily problems and hectic life. All this they can find in the mountains. Because life in the mountains is characterised above all by a tangible closeness to nature and peaceful tranquillity.

It is our concern to protect this unique mountain world that surrounds us and to preserve it for future generations. That is why we try to live and work in harmony with nature and to sensitise our guests to this.

Since we took over the hut two years ago, something has been invested in sustainability every year. The first thing was to install a photovoltaic system so that we can work with clean electricity.

The hut operation and supply and disposal are another big issue. Our goal is to banish plastic from the hut as much as possible. We have taken a first step with drinking water. Until now, thousands of plastic bottles of water were flown up to the hut by helicopter every year, and thousands of empty plastic bottles were flown back down again. Now we use the Puez spring water as drinking water.  The spring is located above the hut at the foot of the Puezkofel and we catch the water via a pipe that we lay by hand every spring and dismantle again in autumn. The water is purified via a UV filter system, treated and can be bottled in glass bottles in the bar.
We also attach great importance to using local products. From bread to meat to wine, we support regional cycles and protect the environment.

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